Photo Cred:  Laurelu of Heart by Staci Shook

About valarie jones

I can't tell you how many times I wrote and deleted this "about me" section.  I tried the "Valarie Jones is a......", but I just can't write like that.  Writing about yourself is not easy, especially when you aren't a confident person.  Don't get me wrong, I have a LOT to say, but I worry a lot about how to say it.  Should I be professional or personal, or a little of both?  How much should I write?  Does that sound ok?  Do people even read these things?  Pain in the butt. we go.

I am 33 years old and a proud follower of Jesus Christ.  I am a married to an incredible man.  He scooped my son and I up in 2006 and our lives were forever changed.  In 2007 we married each other, and in 2014 we welcomed our daughter, Sevyn.  So, Thomas, Zayd'n, Sevyn, and I live a sweet life in Northwest Arkansas.  

I have a full-time job in the world of retail, but my heart belongs to photography.  Most of the time when I am supposed to be thinking about replenishment my mind wonders off and thinks about pictures and writing.  I started this blog to motivate myself to fight for what I really want.  I want to share my love for the life I have been given.  I want this blog to be inspiring, uplifting, joyful, honest, and fun. 

I hope that you enjoy what you read. I can't wait to share my life, photographs, and excitement with you.  

I'm Valarie Jones, thanks for stopping by.  :)

*Photo Credit - Laurelu of Heart by Staci Shook