I am learning SO much about motherhood.  The last month has been wonderful, but it has also been a little difficult.  My almost 18 month old runs around like a crazy woman trying to get into anything and everything, and my 11 year old son has been battling a negative attitude.  I have spent a lot of time in prayer this past month, but it reminded me that I need to be in prayer all of the time - not just when things are difficult.  I have dealt with a lot of negative thoughts as well, which made me realize that I need to get into my Bible.  I look up to so many of my church pals, because they live by it and are quenched by it, but I seem to overlook it for some reason.  So, I am going to challenge myself this next month to dedicate more time to His Word.  Please feel free to hold me accountable.  

Zayd’n is on the road to becoming a wonderful young man.  It has been a long month for him, but I think he ended the month on a high note.  He has had a lot of those “ok, you were right” moments.  He has the best grades he has had since 1st grade, because he has been working hard.  It has not been easy for him, but I know he feels like it is worth it.  Let’s not talk about how many tears were shed last year over bad grades and bad attitudes.  This year is already 150% better than last year, and I am so thankful for that.  He is in LOVE with social studies and really enjoys his teacher.  His favorite teacher has inspired him to become a teacher when he grows up.  He wants kids to be excited about coming to his class.  I think that is a great goal to have.  

Last thing about Z - I have really enjoyed watching him learn how to play the viola.  Sevyn has really enjoyed listening to her big brother play too.  I love watching her dance to the music.  I don’t think he realized how big of a commitment orchestra is.  He has good days and bad days.  We have a lot of heart to heart talks about finding the good in everything.  He beats himself up a lot, and it breaks my heart.  I do my best to lift him up and help him see how amazing he really is.  I am looking forward to watching him learn and grow this year. 

It was a rewarding and frustrating month for Sevyn as well.  She sprouted 3 new teeth this month, which brings her total of 5.  She learned to say “please”.  That word sounds so sweet coming from her, and I grin every time I hear her say it.  As a matter of fact, I better recorder it for later.  Anyway, she is learning about saying “please” and the rewards she gets.  Now that we know she can say it, she doesn’t get her best pal (Mr. Milk Cup) unless she says “please”.  Usually she just yells and throws herself on the ground.  She eventually gives in and says it, but there are days when She Hulk comes out. 

She can officially reach the door handles - uh oh!  Her favorite door to open is the pantry, because the supplies to her favorite snacks hang out in there.  She can reach the counter and can easily pull things off of it.  Yesterday she grabbed the handle of a knife, but thankfully I was right there and was able to stop her.  My heart stopped a little bit.  She gives me mini heart attacks once a day, because she either runs on the couch, climbs on things she shouldn’t, or tries to pull things off of tables and counters onto her poor little head.  It is a never ending adventure, and the days are always full of fear and excitement.  I just love the wonder in her eyes.  I love how excited she gets when we cheer about a new word she says.  I could follow her around with the camera all day long.

Here are several photo highlights from this month.  Spent some time capturing the kids at home, because I want to remember them this way forever.  We turned on the Dish after going 2 years without it, and that has been pretty nice.  I think all of us have found some enjoyment out of that, but we try to limit our time in front of it.  It was a wonderful month!  Now it is on to Thanksgiving!  Whoohoo!  I hope that all of you have a wonderful November.  Thanks for stoping by!  :)