N+H Spring Session

Who has two thumbs and got to photograph a beautiful couple in the lovely downtown Bentonville area?  This girl did!  After rescheduling 3 times because of sickness and weather, we were finally able to make it happen.  :) I am looking forward to photographing their wedding this fall!


Rainbow Baby Announcement!!

Let me tell you something, God keeps his promises!  He really, truly does.  I've been praying for these dear friends for a while, because they suffered the loss of a baby within the last couple of years, and took a lot out of them.  Many painful doctor visits, and many "I don't think you will be able to have a baby" conversations came up.  I don't want to say they had given up, but after hearing so much negative news it was hard to believe it wasn't true.  However, as my beautiful friend knows, God keeps his promises.  This beautiful couple is going to welcome their rainbow baby into this world this August!  I am very excited for them and I am so thankful to God for this miracle.  

Danessa and Walter - you guys are AWESOME!  Thanks for being great friends and thanks for allowing me to be a part of this miracle's life. I hope you all know how loved you are.  These photos below are just a hint of what is to come for Danessa and Walter.  I cannot wait for a maternity session and even....BIRTH PHOTOS!!  Yeah....this chick right here is going to do her first live birth session.  I'm already doing cartwheels inside.

Keep praying guys, because He is faithful and He will take care of you.  I don't know what you are going through - Maybe you are struggling to conceive, maybe you have suffered the loss of a child, or maybe you have dealt with both of these heartbreaking obstacles.  Just know that things are going to work out in your favor.  It might not be your timing, but you will be given the desires of your heart.  Prayer works miracles.  Put the Father first and the rest will fall into place.  I have faith that it will happen for those who desire it.  If you EVER need a prayer pal, I can be that for you.   Thanks for stopping by.  :)  


Spring Like Winter Engagement Session

Oh joy!!  My beautiful friend is marrying an amazing man.  I haven't hung around them together much, but I feel it in my bones that they are meant to be.  I used to work with Jessica and I always admired her faithfulness and kindness, so much so that she inspired me to give church another try.  Now my family and I have been a part of the same church for almost 6 years.  If you want to lead others to Christ you have to live a Christ-like life, and that is what Jessica does.  My sweet friend has went though some incredibly tough seasons the last couple of years.  She pushed through heartbreak, gave birth to a sweet little ginger boy :), got her own home, lead worship like a boss at church, and lived a life that showed everyone around her that she loved God.  Did she have rough days, absolutely, but she kept her eyes on God and kept pushing through.  Months passed, Jessica healed, and then she met an incredible man.  These two love birds are getting married this June and I cannot wait to photograph their special day.  Thanks Jess and Jerame for allowing me to take your photos.  Praying for sweet blessings for you guys and the sweet kiddos in your lives.  Keep shining your light!