Husband and Wife In-Home Lifestyle Session

Whoo-hoo!!  THIS is my favorite type of photography session!!  A session that captures life as it truly is.  Your home, your "regular" clothes, YOUR life.  I want to thank this super sweet couple for allowing me to invade their privacy for a couple of hours.  Check out their incredible home!!!!  This was a fun session with doggies, chickens, breakfast preparation, and a little dog walk.  Awesomeness!  Hope you all enjoy these!

Winter Family Session

Taking photos outside in the winter is always a risk, but when my beautiful pal told me that her family was coming in for the holidays we had to capture them all together.  Thankfully the weather was beautiful that day!  I'm so thankful for this dear friend, and I am glad she has allowed me to photograph her family for the last few years.  You are jealous that I get to photograph such beautiful families!  Yeah, I am going to rub it in!!  

Sweet Family of FIVE

I feel so proud and full of joy when I think about these photos.  This is a dear friend of mine, and she has allowed me to photograph her family since I started this photography gig.  I have really enjoyed watching her kiddos grow and their personalities develop.  Looking forward to years of sessions with this incredible family.

In Home Lifestyle Session - November 4, 2016

I am SO SO SO excited about this!  I had the honor of photographing one of my lifelong best friends and her littles.  I am hopeful that next session will include Dad and big sister, but I was thankful to get these three in front of my camera.  It is so great to see one of your most precious friends become a Mom.  I loved the way her kids looked at her, and I loved watching her love on them.  THIS is where my heart truly lies when it comes to photography.  I love capturing the special glances, the giggles, the "oh my goodness, look how little they were on that couch" moments.  This is where Val.Jones Photography is going.  This makes my heart melt.  

The session started with PJs while Mom finished getting ready.  I couldn't keep my camera in the bag.  :)  I intentionally included a silly photo where baby brother was in his seat and he spit up, because it made me laugh.  THIS IS LIFE.  

A Family of Three & A Baby Bump

Check out this sweet family!!  I had the honor of photographing my pal and her family in May.  I tell you what, chasing a toddler is hard work.  You definitely have to chase them around and click as fast as you can.  I got done with the session and I was a sweaty mess, and I just prayed for photos that captured their personalities.  I hope that Alycia and her family enjoy these photos for life.  I had a lot of fun taking your photos.


A Mama and Her Littles

My photography business has taken a back seat the last few months, mainly because I want to spend as much time with my family as possible.  I am also trying to determine where my heart truly is in the photography world.  I would love to be everyone's photographer, but that isn't possible.  So, I told myself to sit back and just enjoy life.  I will take a session here and there to feed my creative fire, but my main focus is on my husband and kiddos.  

Here is one of my latest photo sessions.  I got asked to capture a mommy and her two kiddos.  They were a lot of fun to chase around!  I hope you enjoy the photos from their session!  Mostly, I hope the Mommy is in love with them, because that is most important.


Harvey Family - 2015

I adore this woman and her sweet family.  She is a strong woman with a huge heart.  So glad she is in my life!

Counts Family - 2015

The Thompson Family - 2015

Meet one of my favorite people and her family.  She exemplifies the Proverbs 31 woman, and I am so glad that I get to call her my friend.  I have some amazing people in my life.  

Marvin Family - 2015

McIver Family - 2015

I adore this Mom and her wonderful family.  We had a nice time walking around downtown and we ended at the splash park.